Extra Install Step for ODB Windows 7, for the 64-bit version

Mar. 6: If your computer is running at 64-bit version of Windows, which is usually the case for computers purchased since mid-2011, ODB might not completely start up, reporting an "Error 39: mscomctl.ocx is not correctly registered."

To fix this, all you have to do is turn on compatibility mode for ODB. To do this:

1) go to My Computer
2) open up c:
3) open up program files (x86)
4) open your OC folder
5) right-click on "odb.exe" and choose properties. On some machines, odb.exe just shows up as "odb"
6) check the box for "run this program in compatibility mode". Make sure that windows xp (sp3) is checked and click OK.
7) now you should be able to start up ODB without the error


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