Issues with ODB and Windows 7, Zip Code downloads

Dear ODB Users:

March 31: I have some good news and some bad news:

The good news is that there are several people using ODB with Windows 7 successfully right now. The bad news is there are still a number of people who have tried to run ODB under Windows 7 who have not gotten it to completely work. Fortunately all the Windows 7 issues that we know about have an easy workaround.

This post explains how to resolve some of the errors you might find the first time you run ODB under Windows 7.

1) Issues with the Zip Code File Download

If you are trying to obtain the zip code file for ODB (the program tries to use FTP but firewalls in Win7 and Vista and XP SP3 prevent this) you can now do it manually via the web, using this link:

Download the zip file, open it, and then drag zipcodes.mdb into the same folder as your ODB database. Then when you restart ODB the zip code lookup feature will work.

The same problem affects "auto" download of the database drivers during a clean install. To resolve it just select the "manual" download option which will bring you to the help page:

2) Issues with Auto Update

If you get the message that ODB can't connect to the server to check for updates, that is because your machine has a firewall. Because of this, we recommend disabling the auto update feature of ODB entirely.

To do this, click on the Wrench, then on the Backups/Lookups button. Then click on Lookups and under the setting "Enable Checking for new ODB versions", click on the Off button.

3) Issues with cutoff right side of the screen

On earlier versions of ODB 1.1, there was a problem with Vista and Windows 7 where about 10 pixels of the ODB main window were cut off. This issue did not prevent you from accessing any features, but it was a cosmetic problem.

Version 1.1RC8 of ODB, released in April 2009, resolved this problem. The details are on our bug tracker under this link.

4) Issues with MSVBVM50 errors.

Bill Bussey reported an MSVBVM50 error with ODB running Windows 7. This is a confirmed problem and we will release a version of ODB without this error in the coming weeks. Until then you can google "msvbvm50 windows 7" and you will see that it is possible to install MSVBVM50 using the following linnk:

It is a relatively simple matter for us to come out with a version of ODB that does not depend on msvbvm50, so it will be done in the next week.

If you have any other Windows 7 question or concerns, please log in to your account at and respond to this post.

Thank you, and my apologies for the lack of action on this list!

Rich Cowan
ODB Project Director


[Also posted on

[Also posted on "Installation" forum - seems to be a W7 problem however]

ODB setup crashed (after almost 4 years.

I am in MS Windows 7.

The ODB installation has been squirrely since I switched to W7 a few months back. It kept losing my database. Because I backup daily I was able to recover the db file each time.

Got worried and now have a duplicate listing set up in Excel.

Finally unable to find db even in backup files.

Gave up - uninstalled ODB - planning to reinstall and load (import) from Excel listing using a csv file of the Excel listing

Attempted to load old copy of ODB (without any data) from my files with no luck.

Downloaded fresh copy from and tried to install. Get just so far and get first error:

"Error opening file for writing: C:\Program Files\oc\reports\ODBC report"

Retry doesn't work so finally hit "Ignore" and then "Finish".

Used Setup Step 1 and chose "Create new database"; Step 2 - "all users"; Step 3 "standard"; Step 4 - "Finish"

Get error message "Run-time error "48" Error in loading DLL"

Retried from desk top icon/link - goes back to Step 1 and ends up the same way.


Now dead in the water.
S Cook, VUFT, Inc.

hi Sandy - this is a

hi Sandy -
this is a permissions issue.
Should be easy to fix...

you must be logged in as an admin to install in windows 7


I have been trying for

I have been trying for months to install ODB on my W7 computer. It looks like it installs, but when it starts up it says "The 'database drivers' needed by ODB may not be properly installed on this computer. The specific error was 'Can't Create Object' Do you want to install them now?" When I click Yes-automatic, it tries to do so but says it's unable to connect to the OC server, and that the error code is 2. None of our other computers (which run XP and Vista) can connect to the server either. Any help would be most appreciated.

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