1.1 Final Release Candidate (1.1RC8) now out with full installer!

April 30: An updated version of ODB 1.1 is available today. On March 30 the ODB Project released the first full installer for 1.1RC8; this was updated on 4/8/09, 4/15/09, and 4/18/09 to fix issues discovered in field testing. Today, on 4/30/09, we fixed four issues relating to importing data that were blocking the final 1.1 release.

The 1.1RC8 download available here is a major upgrade over the 1.1RC6 release of April 2008. It fixes two major bugs and dozens of small issues to improve the stability of ODB. It adds flexibility in exporting data, and greater compatibility with Window Vista or Windows 7. It enhances HTML reporting, adds support for the "Class" field and for pledge reports, and corrects a couple of problems for users of the new "Job Title" field. Several screens are widened to make them easier to read. Imports should handle bad data files more gracefully. Code changes behavior is modified slightly.

To upgrade your existing ODB database, please make that ODB is NOT running. Then download and run the 2-click installer. If you use the default location to install, and install on top of your old ODB database, all of your existing data will still be available. If you are upgrading from version 1.0.2 or earlier, you will also be asked to run a small conversion utility the first time you run ODB after performing the upgrade.

Here is the download link (2683Kb):

This installer assumes that your computer has VB6 runtime libraries. On Windows XP this is usually the case. If ODB complains about a missing "msvb60" dll, it means that you need these libraries. Please install them directly from Microsoft using this link (right click and Save As...).

Vista Users: It is generally a good idea to run the ODB installer as an administrator. To do this, download the installer to your desktop first, then right click on it and select "Run as Administrator...".

If you can't run as Administrator, or the installer is unable to write the ODB files to your hard drive, it means your system is locked down and you must consult with your local administrator to log in with the permissions needed to complete the installation.

If you ever need to downgrade from 1.1RC8 to 1.1RC6 this is very easy to do. Just delete the odb.exe file prior to running the 1.1RC6 installer.

You know you have the new release if the date of April 8 shows up in the "splash" screen; if not, you might have to clear your browser cache (if it contains the March 30 or April 7 installers) and download again.

-Rich Cowan, ODB Project Director

P.S. Here is the list of what has been fixed:

ODB 1.1 Changes

April 30 fixes
- 0000767: [import/export] When Apartment feature turned on, ODB is not parsing street numbers and names during import - closed.
-- 0000765: [import/export] ODB can quit during import if import data does not contain "city" or "stname" columns and a duplicate is found - closed.
- 0000766: [import/export] ODB can quit during import if "combine first and last name" is selected - closed.
- 0000764: [import/export] Duplicate checking routine fails on single quotes in line2 - closed.

April 18 fixes
- 0000758: [import/export] export should not exit when you cancel out of the file dialog box - resolved.
- 0000755: [notes and pledges] note import specification can't be loaded - closed.
- 0000757: [maintenance and backup] Mass Delete from Groups table can remove random data from People records - closed.
- 0000756: [data entry] Pledges not deleted when person is deleted - closed.

April 15 fixes
0000751: [proposed improvement] SRC screen could be wider - closed.- 0000750: [proposed improvement] Enable Code Changes Feature is Changed! - closed.
- 0000749: [main menu and search] Mass Update screen for payments/notes/pledges needs cleanup - closed.
- 0000747: [main menu and search] Asterisks not updating properly in the advanced search screen - closed.
- 0000748: [main menu and search] invalid CSS for font size in screen reporting - closed.
- 0000746: [notes and pledges] fields missing from pledge report - closed.
- 0000745: [proposed improvement] Add "one by one" functionality for mass update on 'ledger' items - closed.
- 0000739: [installation and customization] ODB should prevent creation of VID codes that begin with a number - closed.

April 8 fixes
- 0000740: [installation and customization] Dialogue Box for "Show DB Location" is too small - closed.
- 0000742: [proposed improvement] Added feature to approve Replace Text in any ODB field 1 by 1 - closed.
- 0000741: [maintenance and backup] Occasional Crash at start of Mass Update - closed.

April 7 fixes
a) Peace Area Riding for the Disabled Society in Alberta, Canada reported that searches from the main screen on the "Groups" area were not working. This problem was introduced last week when we fixed a bug in the "omit" function -- issue #724 below.
b) South Orange County Democratic Club in California reported that buttons in the Mass Update screen were not enabled/disabled correctly. This problem was introduced when we added the ability to review updates 'one by one' -- see issue #731 below.
- 0000737: [import/export] Import and Export not supported for Class Field (rich) - closed.
- 0000738: [import/export] Import can fail on dupe check of email address - resolved.

The March 30 release contains all of the fixes released to testers only on January 21, 2009 (see http://organizersdb.org/node/713) plus the following additional fixes:

- 0000731: [proposed improvement] Add ability to approve mass update of codes "one by one" - closed.
- 0000727: [proposed improvement] Summary report screen for Notes and Pledges not implemented - closed.
- 0000723: [proposed improvement] Show Line2 in main menu search if there is nothing in first or last name - closed.

- 0000728: [main menu and search] donation report large dollar values printing without commas - closed.
- 0000730: [main menu and search] Report Summary totals show a spurious count for "# of people" at bottom - closed.
- 0000729: [main menu and search] Summary report dollar value columns not right justified - closed.
- 0000726: [main menu and search] In Vista, with wider window borders, rightmost controls on the Main Menu are cut off - closed.
- 0000725: [main menu and search] Right Click is allowed on "search returned 0 items" - closed.
- 0000724: [main menu and search] Logic bug in the omit function causes several different errors - closed.
- 0000722: [main menu and search] ID field missing from some payment/ pledge reports - closed.
- 0000721: [main menu and search] Startup Splash screen displays incomplete address for OC - closed.
- 0000717: [main menu and search] datediff query can cause odb to quit - closed.
- 0000720: [main menu and search] Quick Clicking during setup screen can (occasionally) cause "invalid procedure call" error - closed.

- 0000695: [docs: user guide] tough to find out how to customize type categories - closed.

- 0000693: [data entry] Reminder codes not initialized - closed.
- 0000694: [data entry] ODB should remind user to reset all bad address codes - closed.

- 0000715: [maintenance and backup] Mass Set Gift Dates -- hourglass cursor issue - closed.
- 0000732: [maintenance and backup] Mass Update of Method codes would not mark records as changed - closed.
- 0000734: [maintenance and backup] uninstaller not removing all files (rich) - closed.

- 0000733: [notes and pledges] Window to view payment/pledge/note history could be wider - closed.

- 0000714: [installation and customization] ODB continues to try to print thank you after an error if you ask it to cancel - closed.
- 0000716: [installation and customization] New skype/im field is not created on a new install - closed.
- 0000718: [installation and customization] userfield default should be greater than 25 characters - closed.

This list is generated automatically by our bug tracker... you can create an account and login to see it live here:


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Documentation and SupportODB

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