Does your nonprofit need to manage contacts and contributions without making a huge investment of money or time? You’ve come to the right place. Organizers Database (ODB) costs nothing to download, runs on any Windows computer, and is easy enough for everyone on your staff to learn.

ODB was designed by a nonprofit for nonprofits, and includes features you won't find anywhere else. With a single click, you can copy a list of emails, look up a zip code, or even split up an address into component parts. It is simple to generate labels, print thank yous, or identify expiring members. You can track interests and demographics using custom codes effortlessly.

Other features include:
  • over 190 customization settings
  • networkable on multiple computers
  • dozens of shortcuts for data entry
  • integration with Google and Mapquest
  • HTML-editable payment reports
  • ability to handle lists of 100,000 records
For a detailed list of features, click this link.
For some recent screen shots, see our archive on Flickr.

ODB is already in use at hundreds of organizations, so each new user benefits from the changes and tips suggested by others. OC also provides affordable support options if you need immediate help. If you’re a developer, your contributions to this open source program (and its cross platform successor) are welcome. You can have discussions with others in the community forums.

Please note that the ODB project is a community effort. We depend on volunteer help and contributions from both individuals and organizations to make improvements. You can donate time or funds at this page.